Woma Python

Aspidites ramsayi

Avg. Length: 1.5 (m)

Temp: 28-36°C on the heat source

Min. Cage Size: 1200L x 600W x 500H (mm)

Feeding: 1 rat every 7 days

Experience: Beginner

Womas are a wonderful snake to keep and are a real favorite of ours. They are a real joy to keep and seem to have a bit more of a personality than many other species. They have very strong appetites, grow quickly, and their care is straightforward.

Nothing about keeping Womas is easier than feeding them. In fact the problem here lies in the potential to over feed them. We feed ours a medium rat once a week. You won’t have any problem keeping your Womas well fed, just make sure they don’t get overweight.

They are suitable for the beginner, since their care is so easy, but be careful of a feeding bite. When they smell food they think of nothing else. Take care when first removing a Womas from their cage, they are always hunting, and ready for food. By quickly reaching into the cage you can be mistaken for food, with the result being a bite. Once out of the cage however, they are completely docile.

Womas have always been a sought after python, but they are only going to increase in popularity as more colours and patterns become available. Our black Woma project is one we a very excited about, and if proved to be inheritable will be one of the most highly sought after morphs in the hobbies history.



adult ‘Tanami’ type woma

representative image of ‘Tanami’ type hatchling

representative image of ‘Tanami’ type hatchling

West Coast Womas

We are very pleased to be able to offer third generation hatchling Womas from the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia (WA). Our founder animals originated in the vicinity of 80 Mile Beach, south of Sandfire, WA.

We regard the sire of these expected hatchlings to be the most spectacular Woma we have ever seen – and mum ain’t half-bad either!


adult woma – Sandfire WA locale

adult woma – Sandfire WA locale

adult woma – Sandfire WA locale

representative image of WA woma hatchling
adult woma – Sandfire WA locale
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