Stimson’s Python

Antaresia stimsoni

Avg. Length: 1 (m)

Temp: 28-35°C on the heat source

Min. Cage Size: 600L x 450W x 350H (mm)

Feeding: 1-2 mice every 7 days

Experience: Beginner

Avg. Clutch Size: 10 eggs

Stimson’s Pythons, or ‘Stimmies’, are hands-down the most attractive of the genus Antaresia. This small robust python can be distinguished from the others in the group by its mostly light background colour, with large red blotches. It is also perhaps the most docile of the group, making a fantastic pet for everyone from beginner to the serious collector.

These pythons don’t like to bask out in the open, but prefer to squeeze themselves away in a tight warm space. The caging for them is easy to setup, as all they really need is an enclosure with a hide at the warm end, another at the cool end, and a water bowl.

Snake Ranch specialises in Stimson’s Pythons from WA – with established breeding groups originating from various Western Australian locales. We are also have a large breeding group of spectacularly coloured Stimson’s Pythons from the wheat belt district way east of Perth.

As a desert species, Stimmies spend most of their time deep in rock crevices or in burrows emerging at night to feed on small lizards and mammals. Many pet stores now offer a selection of accessories from fake rocks, to molded backdrops for your enclosure. A naturalistic setup for these guys with red soil and appropriate rocks can make a stunning addition to any home. If the snake is to be the pet of a younger person the lighter, safer, option of fake rocks are advised.

adult Broome locale Stimson’s python
Broome WA locale 4 month old Stimson’s python

adult Pilbara locale Stimson’s python


Pilbara locale Stimson’s hatchling

Pilbara locale Stimson’s hatchling

adult Sandfire locale Stimson’s python

adult Wheatbelt locale Stimson’s python

Wheatbelt locale Stimson’s python – yearling

Wheatbelt locale Stimson’s python – 6 months old

Wheatbelt locale Stimson’s python – 2 months old

Wheatbelt locale Stimson’s python hatchling

Wheatbelt locale Stimson’s python hatchling

Wheatbelt locale Stimson’s python adult

  Velvet Stimson’s python hatchling
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