Spotted Python

Antaresia maculosa

Avg. Length: 1 (m)

Temp: 26-35°C on the heat source

Min. Cage size: 600L x 450W x 450H (mm)

Feeding: 1-2 mice every 7 days

Experience: Beginner

The Spotted Python or ‘Mac’ is the largest and best known of the Children’s python group. It reaches a length of up to 1.5m in extreme examples, though specimens normally reach lengths of around 100cm. ‘Macs’ (short for ‘maculosus’) are amenable to handling and rarely present any keeping problems when properly maintained. Some juveniles can be a bit snappy, however in most cases they make an ideal first snake for just about anyone.

Once they reach maturity they are good handlers, feed regularly, and are easy to breed. The only real downside is as an adolescent they can often be snappy and quite aggressive. They all seem to settle down in time, but the interim period can be frustrating for those hoping for a nicer start to the world of reptiles.

Snake Ranch recently achieved a world first by producing albinos of this species. With a mix of lavenders, whites, burnt orange and gold’s, the young have proven to be remarkably variable in their colour and pattern. Demand for the albinos is very high, and the young currently command very high prices.

adult spotted python

adult albino spotted python

representative image of hatchling spotted python

representative image of hatchling spotted python

Spotted Python “Blonde” Phase

The Spotted Python comes in a variety of colours, but arguably the most attractive is known as the ‘Blonde’ colour morph or phase. This is a most appropriate title, as it rarely will remember where it put the car keys! The Spotted Python makes an ideal first snake for just about anyone, and can provide a great ambassador for the hobby that is likely to be accepted by the whole family.


adult spotted python “blonde” phase

“blonde” phase spotted python hatchling

“blonde” phase spotted python hatchling

adult spotted python “Burmese” phase
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