Pygmy Python

Antaresia perthensis 

Avg. Length: 60 (cm)

Temp: 27-38°C on the heat source

Min. Cage Size: 600L x 450W x 350H (mm)

Feeding: 1-2 mice every 10 days

Experience: Beginner

The smallest of all the pythons – and certainly one of the most beautiful – the Pygmy Python has only recently become well-established in captivity. This is partially due to its remote range of habitation; the Pilbara and adjacent districts of Western Australia, where it appears to prefer rocky country.

By day it resides in rock crevices and within large termite mounds – presumably feeding upon the geckos that typically reside within the mounds in surprising numbers – perhaps attracted to the endless supply of termites within.

They are a hardy little species that do extremely well in captivity, once they are established feeders. They don’t tend to be as active as the other members of this group, so may not be what everyone is looking for. However, their unique colouration and interesting life history make these little pythons a popular species.

This ‘brooding’ python continued to care for a single egg,
after the bulk of her clutch was removed for artificial incubation.

adult pygmy python

representative image of hatchling

representative image of hatchling

three month old pygmy python

six month old pygmy python
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