Olive Python

Liasis olivaceus

Avg. Length: 3 (m)

Temp: 28-36°C under the heat source

Min. Cage Size: 1800L x 900W x 600H (mm)

Feeding: 2 rats every 10 days

Experience: Intermediate

Many long term keepers rate Olive Pythons as their absolute favorite, include our own Wayne Adcock – Head Keeper at Snake Ranch. An adult Olive Python is a large, powerful snake, and is not recommended for beginners, or young keepers.

Over the past decade, Snake Ranch has been working on a line of albino Olives. And we believe they are one of the most spectacular looking snakes on the planet, with a uniform ivory color all over. When they were first offered for sale they were commanding prices of over $25,000 per animal. Today you can expect to pay around 5,000 for a hatchling.

Olive Pythons are BIG snakes – regularly reaching the three metre mark, with rare individuals attaining lengths of up to four metres. We would not recommend it as a first snake due to the combination of large size and aggressive, and sometimes borderline psychopathic, feeding response. But for the experienced and capable keeper who can work around these tendencies, this is a very attractive species that shows a lot of character. But make no mistake – this is a species with one thing on its mind every time its enclosure is opened: food!

Olive Pythons need to be awakened with care, and the use of a snake hook to initiate handling is recommended. Once the python realises that the keeper isn’t on the menu, it can be quite amendable to handling, and makes an inquisitive and well-adjusted pet.


Photo courtesy of Snake Ranch

adult olive python

representative image of olive python hatchling

adult olive python

Albino Olive Pythons

Snake Ranch co-founder Gavin Bedford was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with the first and only known wild-caught Albino Olive Python shortly after it was discovered in a suburb in Darwin, NT. As with normal-coloured Olives, the albinos are a straightforward proposition – so long as the large size and a potentially aggressive feeding response is adequately taken into account.

albino olive python approx two years old

representative image of albino olive python hatchling
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