Darwin Carpet Python

Morelia spilota variegata

Avg. Length: 2 (m)

Temp: 28-35°C under the heat source

Min. Cage Size: 1200L x 450W x 900H (mm)

Feeding: 1 medium rat every 7-10 days

Experience: Beginner

About 20 years ago it was the Darwin Carpet Python that first gifted the hobby here in Australia with an albino python species. Blondie, as he came to be known, was found in a caravan park on the outskirts of Darwin as a hatchling. He spent his first 7 years at a wildlife park, before moving to Adelaide to commence a breeding program. Today, Blondie’s offspring are common within the hobby, and these stunning pythons are now readily available.

The other notable star of the Darwin’s Carpets is The Black Princess. A hypermelanistic, or jet black snake. Snake Ranch are the custodians of The Princess and all her offspring. However, it will still be several years before they will be readily available.

Darwin’s can vary in colour significantly from animal to animal, with some of the lighter coloured animals being among our most beautiful snakes. They require no special treatment for their care, and are a beautiful snake that make an excellent choice for those considering a member of the Carpet Python group.


adult Darwin carpet python
adult Darwin carpet python

sub-adult Darwin carpet python

representative image of hatchling

representative image of albino adult


six month old albino Darwin carpet python

representative image of albino hatchling

representative image of albino hatchling
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