Blue-tongued Lizard

e-tongued Lizard

Tiliqua scincoides

Avg. Size: 40-60 (cm)

Temp: 24-32°C under the heat source

Lighting: UVB 5.0 required during the day

Min. Cage Size: 1200L x 600W x 450H (mm)

Feeding: Mixed vegetables every day and meats once a week

Experience: Beginner

Avg. Clutch Size: 10-20 live young

In many parts of Australia, Blue-tongued Lizards, or “Blueys” as they are commonly referred to, have been a part of the suburban landscape. They have been common in many parts of the country where in most cases they have been a welcome visitor as an exterminator of slugs, snails, spiders and a whole host of unwanted pests.

This docile lizard lives in most environments across Australia. They can be found from the Northern Tropics, in to the Alpine regions of Tasmania where they have been seen basking on sunny winter days when snow is still on the ground.

They are medium-sized lizards and adults range from 40-60 cm total length.

When Blueys feel threatened, they have a very impressive threat display. With their mouths wide open, they hiss and flash that bright blue tongue.

The sexes look very similar which makes sexing difficult. Blue-tongued Lizards give birth to live young and usually have an average 10-20 young.

With proper care, Blueys do well in captivity and you can expect them to live 15-25 years or more!

newborn hypermelanistic bluetongue

newborn albino bluetongues

a handful of newborn beauty – an albino with three
hypermelanistic bluetongues

bluetongue breeding facility
at Snake Ranch
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